Fast Break Open

Two Man Tournament

$10,000 to 1st place guaranteed


  • Two Man Team.
  • One man may fish by himself ($200 entry fee still applies).
  • Minors can participate with a signed parental consent. Minor must fish with an adult boat captain.
  • 2 days, April 21st & 22nd
  • Okee-Tantie Boat Ramp, 10439 State Road 78 West, Okeechobee, FL 34974.
  • $200 entry fee (payable via cash, check, or credit card in store or online). No checks after April 13th.
  • $225 entry fee after April 1, 2018.
  • Optional Calcutta (see payout form).
  • No sign-ups allowed after 6pm on April 20th.
  • Everyone will fish on the 2nd day, no qualification necessary.


Tournament Rules & Details:

  1. Entry Fee: All entry fees are non-refundable.
  2. Non-mandatory meeting: A non-mandatory meeting will be held at Fast Break Bait & Tackle on April 20th at 6:30 pm. It is highly recommended you attend. Attendees will have the opportunity to win prizes at the meeting.
  3. Boat numbers: Boat numbers will be issued at the meeting. If you do not attend the meeting you will receive a text or email with your boat number. If you do not receive your boat number by 10pm on 4/20, please contact Glenn at 863-255-1324. Numbers are being assigned via random computer draw. Boats will leave in reverse order on day 2.
  4. Mandatory boat check and check-in: Boat checks and check-in will be at Okee-Tantie starting at 5:00am. Contestants must be checked in by the pre-determined flight time. NO EXCEPTIONS. All anglers must check-in at weigh-in each day.
  5. Payouts: There is a guaranteed $10,000 payout to the first place team. All other places are payed based on number of entries. See payout form for an example of a 100 boat payout structure.
  6. Optional Calcutta: Anglers will have the opportunity to register for 1 or all 5 Calcuttas. Anglers must be registered for the tournament to participate in the Calcutta. Each Calcutta is $20 to enter, if paid by 4/1/18. After 4/1/18, each Calcutta is $25. Registration for the Calcutta closes at 6 pm on 4/20/18. See payout form for more info.
  7. Restrictions: Restricted fishing areas include: locking through the Caloosahatchee River, the Saint Lucie Canal, and the Kissimmee River. There are no restricted fishing dates.
  8. Anchor Rule: Tournament anglers are prohibited to fish within 50 yards of a contestant’s boat that was first anchored. An anchored boat is a boat held in a stable position by a line attached to a weight or by a Power-Pole, Talon or similar shallow water anchor with the trolling motor in the up position.
  9. Polygraph Testing: Polygraph testing will be administered. Failure to pass an examination will result in disqualification from the tournament. Truth verification tests will be used at tournament directors sole discretion, and the determination of the meaning of the results will be made solely by tournament directors.
  10. Launching: Boat launching will begin at 5am at Okee-Tantie. Take off will be at safe light. Take off will be by flight.
  11. Weigh-in: weigh-in will be begin at 3 pm each day. Anglers will be penalized by 1 pound per minute late, up to 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, anglers will be disqualified. The 1 pound per minute penalty applies to any weight counted towards big fish. Your weigh-in time will be assigned at check-in based off the number of flights.
  12. Fish Limit: Limit 5 fish. 12” Minimum. Short fish will result in disqualification.
  13. Culling: No culling fish, live or dead, at the ramp or weigh-in.
  14. Dead Fish Penalty: 8oz penalty per dead fish.
  15. Life Jackets: A US Coast Guard approved floatation device must be worn at all times while combustion engine is running. No exceptions!
  16. Kill switch must be attached to vessel operator while combustion engine is running.
  17. Safe boating and sportsmanship must be practiced at all times.
  18. Consumption and/or possession of drugs or alcohol from check-in through weigh-in is prohibited.
  19. Live fish must be taken to the release boat immediately.
  20. No cell phones or radios may be used except in the case of an emergency or break down.
  21. Baits: Only artificial baits may be used with the exception of pork trailers and biodegradable soft baits.
  22. Ties: In case of a tie, the prizes for the tied places will be combined and split equally.
  23. Exemptions: will be handed out at check-in.
  24. Protests: must be submitted to tournament directors in writing within 15 minutes of scales closing.
  25. ALL decisions by tournament directors are final.
  26. For questions, please email
  27. An email confirmation will be sent to you after payment and registration is processed. Please allow 48 hours for processing.  If you do not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of registration, please email to verify registration.


Mail form & payment to: Fast Break Bait & Tackle • 1505 State Road 78 West • Okeechobee, FL 34974

Make checks payable to: Fast Break Bait & Tackle

Online registration & Payment:

Additional registration forms are available in the store or at