The battle between brothers Zane and Atlin Hall was in full force Wednesday morning here on the Big “O”. But what can you say about brotherly love besides its one of a kind. What a blast fishing with Jason Hall, sons Zane and Atlin Hall and Uncle Jamie Coker. The day started off a little windy and chilly but it didn’t take long for a few nice fish to start feeding. We caught numerous fish in the 3-4 lb range with Altin catching a 5.8 lb largemouth, however uncle Jamie stole the show with a 8.01 lb largemouth. Talk about getting some people excited!!! She was a beauty and was well worth the trip down from Orlando. We had a great day and the pictures are priceless, can’t wait to get these guys back down here on Lake Okeechobee. Although cool and a little windy we caught fish throughout the morning with the final score of Uncle Jamie taking home big fish honors, while I believe Altin was the winner of the most fish. Jason had two chances in the same exact spot to catch a really nice fish, however do to the thick cover she was able to escape (you know what they say the big one got away, by the end of the day we estimated her at 13 lbs).

What a blast fishing with Jason, Zane, Altin, and Jamie. I know Zane will be hearing it for a while from his little brother Altin but no fear buddy we will get you back down here and put you on some giant Lake Okeechobee bass. Congrats to Jamie on catching a awesome Big “O” bass. A great time with new friends and a family that has a really good story to tell around Christmas this year and many years to come. The best part about taking people fishing is creating lasting memories and creating new friendships. Awesome day with a great group of my new friends.

The shiner fishing has been good with big fish being caught on more of a regular basis in the past week. This trend should continue over the next several months with the fish starting the annual spawning season here on Lake Okeechobee.