The bass fishing is getting stronger each week. The last cold front changed the behavior of the bass but that didn’t stop David Eng and Tina O’Dell from weighing in right at 30lbs this past Sunday in the Bill Hays Memorial Tournament. As weather systems move in and out the fishing can be tough on some days, however Lake Okeechobee didn’t disappoint numerous clients this past week with good numbers and quality bass.

There has been several groups of schooling bass being caught outside the grass line using rattle traps, also check the mouths of canals for schooling fish as this time of year fish tend to stack up in these areas. The go to bait this past week has been a senko in black/blue or june bug color for stained water while a watermelon red or houdini color has produced best in clear water.

The flipping bite has been good as of late around Harney Pond area stretching from Indian Praire to the Shoal. Punching matts of hydrilla and flipping cattails have been the most productive way to fish these areas. If your going to flip or punch in these areas make sure you have at least a 1oz weight and some matts are requiring anglers to go to a 2(1/4)oz weight.

Also there has been a top water bite but this seems to only last for the first hour or so in the morning. This is a great way to locate some big fish while being able to cover lots of water at the same time. Trixie Shark and Skinny Dippers have been good in houdini color.

Primary Areas:

  • Harney Pond
  • Buckhead Ridge
  • Canal Mouths

Primary Baits:

  • Gambler Ace (Blk/Blue and Watermelon Red)
  • Bruiser Baits Crazy Craw (Blk/Blue)
  • Reaction Innovations Kinky Beaver (Hematoma)