I had the great pleasure of sharing the afternoon with Boyd his son Kyle and Niko (Kyle’s friend). We had a great afternoon with a picture perfect sunset. We ended up burning 4 dozen shiners finishing up right as the sun was setting. Boyd ended up catching the afternoons biggest fish pushing in the 6 lb range while Niko thought he was going to have the biggest fish of the afternoon with a solid 5 lb fish he caught early in the afternoon. All in all we had a great afternoon with catching some fish and good laughs at the boys. Kyle had a really good fish on that ended up getting off but I have a feeling that Kyle will be back in years to come and we will get him back on them.

Both my trips on the 27th of December were just awesome with a total of 59 fish for the day and both trips catching some nice fish in the 5-7 lb range. Looking forward to 2013 and many more great Lake Okeechobee fishing trips.

Primary areas fished were King’s Bar and Buckhead Ridge with live wild shiners.