One question that I always get asked when taking a new client fishing is. What do you do in your free time? I always laugh a little then say “FISH”. Of course some days there is yard work, house work, boat maintenance, etc. but for the most part we fish for a living and for fun. Below find some pictures of the guides here at the store taking family and friends fishing.

My favorite picture is of my nephew Landen Marsocci with his dad captain Chase Marsocci with a bass right around 8 lbs (looks like it’s as big as he is). Chase claims Landen caught the fish all by himself, so I need to check, this could be a new IGFA record here. At 2 (1/2) years old catching a 8 lb largemouth!!!!

Other pictures included are:

Justin Jones, captain Mike Jones son with a nice artificial bass.

Captain Ben Carroll taking time to take a Big O teen Angler fishing one afternoon (He caught two fish over 8 lbs).

We fish because we love it not because it’s a job. We treat every single day with respect as well as every single client that steps a foot in the boat just as we would treat are family and friends, this is what makes us different then any other guide service in the world.