Catching big bass and lots of them continues to be the trend here on Lake Okeechobee, there is no doubt that Lake Okeechobee has more 7 to 9 lb bass in it then any other lake in the world. Lately it seems like every trip either catches at least one large female bass or has one on the hook (you know the old saying, the big one got away). Some days it has been a little tougher then others because the 3 to 4 lb fish are feeding so heavily that a shiner just doesn’t have time to soak for that big bite.

2013 has started off being amazing to say the least we have caught numerous fish in the 8 to 10 lb range with over 100 fish over 6 lbs. Remember that is 14 days, that is over 7 fish a day in the 6+ lb range. Looking for a big bite, then let’s go fishing. We still have some openings throughout the next couple of months and everyday those spots are gradually being filled, don’t miss out on that trip of a lifetime.

Below are some great bass we caught in 2013