Crappie fishing is on fire! Come buy some minnows from Fast Break Bait and Tackle and go catch a boat load of crappie. For the day time fishermen go early or late, they are biting best closet to sunrise or sunset. Drift live minnows straight out the mouth of the Kissimmee River in 8-10 feet of water. Reports from several people catching not only limits but also some really nice size crappie. There are also some people fishing up the river that are doing well. When fishing up the river anchor in 14-16′ feet of water and as the night moves up slowly move towards the bank. Late in the night boats are really catching them good in 4-6′ feet of water.

Don’t forget to weigh your big crappie in at Fast Break Bait and Tackle for your chance to win gift cards and the award for the biggest slab of the year trophy.

Check out some pictures from the deadly duo of father and son, Brad and Blaine Gibson!!!!