Jim Bianchi one of the most determined guys I have ever had the privilege of fishing with. Jim and myself fished on Jan 31 and Feb 1 from basically sun up to sun down. With rain, cold weather, and wind (15-25 mph) fishing was tough to say the least. Jim wanted to catch a big one flipping and he did just that.

Day 1 within the first 10 minutes Jim caught a nice 5 lb fish on a Gambler Big EZ, then fishing got tough for most of the day with a few fish here and there. After running a few different areas with about 15 total fish on the day we ended the day on a high note watching Jim catch fish after fish in the last hour of daylight.

Day 2 was dry but the wind was terrible and it was freezing cold for Florida (high 30s when we launched the boat). With several layers of clothes and the big rods on the deck we went hunting for a big girl. Although the day didn’t result in a great number of fish, the size was good. Check out the pictures below and see what I am talking about.

I truly enjoyed Jim’s company and just wished we could have had a little better weather. All in all a great trip with a new friend. Can’t wait to get this guy back down here and put him on some more giant big Lake Okeechobee bass.

Primary Areas:

– Eagle Bay

– Harney Pond

– Tin House Cove

Primary Baits:

– Sweet Beaver

– Missile Craw

– Gambler Big EZ