Mike and Chris Cook from Michigan joined myself Capt. Blake on 02/21/13 for a fun filled morning. Chris really did a great job and caught lot’s of fish and may have even gave Mike (his dad) a few lessons on how to catch fish after fish. In all seriousness I truly enjoyed the company of this father and son duo. Both Chris and Mike caught some nice Lake Okeechobee bass. I do know that we put 35 + fish in the boat with most being in the 2-4 lb range and Chris did catch one that was closer to the 5 lb range.

All in all it was a great morning with a little wind and cloud cover making it a great day on the water down here in south Florida. I am looking forward to another trip next year with Mike and Chris.

Check out the pictures below. One picture is of Chris back home and the others are from the trip on 02/21/13.