Captain Angie went out on 04-26-13 with Captain Mel Stone for a fun day of play fishing and they caught a five stringer fish weighing just shy of 40 lbs (38.56) that is almost a 9lb average. This is what any one day can be like on Lake Okeechobee, big fish and lot’s of them. All these fish were caught on the North End of Lake Okeechobee on artificial baits.

If you have ever wanted to fish Lake Okeechobee now is the time you want to be here, fishing is just getting better and better as the weather has been stable for a few weeks now. Lake Okeechobee is primed with post-spawn females who are looking to eat everything in sight so what are you waiting for? Let’s go fishing!

Check out some pictures of Captain Angie’s great day on Lake Okeechobee