Lake Okeechobee is fishing better and better everyday. April has provided us with the annual move with blue gill and shell cracker both starting to show up in the usual places. This creates two factors for us fishing guides here on Lake Okeechobee. One being the obvious, that is fishing for these fun to catch and great to eat pan fish. The other being, targeting these areas for bass and I mean big bass.

When the blue gill and shell cracker start the bedding process, big bass get in packs and feed aggressively on these smaller fish giving us anglers a great chance to catch some monster bass on artificial. Lately, the fish have been feeding heavily. Almost every fish I have caught over the last week has had the bait buried down its throat and when they hit you better be holding onto the rod if not they will rip it out of your hands. These big Lake Okeechobee bass are feeding and feeding heavily creating some great recent catches.