Captain Booby Adams took John Hightower from Pahokee, FL fishing and let’s just say John is still smiling ear to ear. Lot’s of fish were caught during the 8 hour trip, however, one John will remember forever. Everyone who has fished has heard the age old story of “the big on got away” well John can say that isn’t true for everyone as he boated a giant 11.13 lb bucketmouth here on Lake Okeechobee.

Captain Bobby brought John and the fish to the store to get some official measurements to submit to the trophy catch program. We weighed the fish at 11.13 lbs on a certified digital scale and took all the necessary measurements to submit this fish into the program. Another great day here on Lake Okeechobee with lot’s of fish caught and one giant as well as plenty of good quality fish in the mix.

Fish Measurements:

  • 11.13 lbs
  • 25 (1/2)” Length
  • 21″ Girth
  • Caught on a wild shiner

Check out the pictures below