I fished with Harry (son-n-law), Brian (son-n-law) and Charles (father-n-law) from Alabama on 5/29/13 for everyone’s first trip down to Lake Okeechobee. These guys only had one day to fish and that just happened to be the day mother nature was going to make it a little tough on us, with rain and wind blowing 20+ all day. Although the weather wasn’t what we are use to down here in “Sunny South Florida” we made the best of it catching fish on artificial and live bait both.

The wind limited us to fishing some protected water but we still managed to catch some fish and ended the day catching some really nice fish. It seemed like Charles couldn’t do much, if anything wrong as he managed to catch three really nice fish late in the day. Everyone managed to catch some fish throughout the day but it wasn’t easy by any means. All in all we managed to catch over 20 fish with the biggest three over 5 lbs. Although this is down from the average days as of late, still not bad catching over 20 and having over 30 bites in half a day.

Look forward to getting back on the water and catching some more giant Lake Okeechobee bass.