Lake Okeechobee is fishing as good as it has all year. The morning bite is the best I have seen all year long, with some mornings catching 30 + fish in the first hour. Spinnerbaits and top water have been hard to beat for the early bite. Most trips have been able to catch between 20 to 50 fish depending on the bite with the average fish being in the 2 pound range. Recent trips haven’t yielded any giants but we have seen several fish in the 4 to 7 lb range.

Every morning it’s just mind-blowing how many fish we see feeding on shad along the grass edge. In as little as a minute one could see 40, 50, or even up to 60 fish feed, this is truly a sight to see and if your a top water junkie then you will absolutely love this.

Check out some pictures below from a recent trip with Austin from IL for his first trip down to Lake Okeechobee (we caught 30 + fish in the first hour then caught a pile of bluegill and ended up keeping 42 for the frying pan), I believe he caught the biggest bass of his life 4 or 5 times. Also check out a big Lake Okeechobee bluegill (this fish ate a 1/2 oz spinnerbait).