The last few weeks here on Lake Okeechobee the fishing has been good for the numbers game with most 4 hour trips catching well over 20 fish. The story to pay attention to is the number of big fish being caught, in my personal opinion I had no idea that the begging of October would have these big fish feeding so much. When I refer to big fish I am normally talking fish over 7 lbs which is a good fish to anyone on any lake in the world but recently we have seen fish in the double digits and lots of them.

One of the most common questions I get asked is when is the best time to catch a bass over 10 lbs and I would normally say Winter/Spring, however, right now is about as good as it gets if you are really looking for that double digit fish. It’s never a guarantee when it comes to fishing but your odds are as high right now as they have been for a long time for catching that once in a lifetime fish here on the Big “O”.

I cannot wait to see what keeps happening here on Lake Okeechobee because it seems like every year we catch more and more of these giants. Check out some pictures below of a few recent big fish, one is of Captain Chase with a fish he caught that weighed in at just over 9 lbs and the other is of a customer that caught one that almost went 12 lbs.

Looking for the fish of a lifetime? Let’s go fishing!