Every once in a while you have a trip where everyone just catches fish and this was one of those days. Although it was tough for the first few hours the middle of the day and afternoon made up for the sub-par morning. Ronan and “The Chatterbait Kid” (Mak, Ronan’s brother) both had good days with several really nice quality fish. Although the day didn’t produce any great big giants we did manage to catch a 6 1/2 and several fish in the 4 – 5lb range. The day yielded close to 40 fish with the average fish weighing over 3 lbs.

We caught fish on just about everything we threw but the main staples for the day where, chatterbait, Gambler burner worm, Gambler Why Not, and Gambler Fat Ace.

Mak aka “The Chatterbait Kid” caught the big fish of the day and fished the chatterbait so well we gave him the nickname of chatterbait kid. Ronan and the fish didn’t get along for the first half of the day, however, Ronan found great success later in the day and managed to catch 3 lber after 3 lber for the last hour. I will not mention Ronan lost a big fat girl in the hydrilla mat, lol.

What a great day with great people. Ronan and Mak both have fished with us multiple times and are great people to be on the boat with. Look forward to getting these two brothers down for some more great fishing.


Captain Blake Marsocci