I fished with Rob Zvonar on May 10 and the only way I can describe it is to quote Rob “this is the best hour of fishing in my life”. The only reason it didn’t last longer because we were out of bait in 1 hour and 10 minutes, we used 48 shiners and let me tell you that Rob only missed a few in that hour. The fish came in so fast that I think both of us stopped for pictures to catch a quick break. I am guessing we boated 40 fish with the biggest being a Lake Okeechobee giant that topped the scales at 8 lbs.

Rob is a great man that spends his time coaching high school football in IL (they have won State Championships under him, he has a great program up there) and I can tell you that he is a class act while talking about players like they were his own children. It’s great to see men like this molding the youth for the future. Talking with Rob was enjoyable and I look forward to more trips in the future with him as I believe I had just as much fun as he did. This was Rob’s first trip to the world famous Lake Okeechobee and I believe this big pond showed what she is capable of.

The average fish was 4 lbs, YES average was 4 lbs with 35 of the 40 going 3lbs or bigger. This was a great day especially with winds blowing 20+ MPH at daylight.

The fish are feeding, let’s go fishing!!!!

Captain Blake