With the busy season starting to slow and coaching baseball coming to an end I finally have had a few weeks to get everything caught up and slipped out for a afternoon of taking my dad fishing. I know everyone is busy with a million things to do, however, take a break for a few hours and spend time with your loved ones.

I talked my old man into fishing the other afternoon because I wanted to find some new places to fish and after 2 hours of nothing we slipped into a little shallow cove and managed to catch over 50 fish in the last 2 hours of daylight. Although not a single fish topped 3 lbs we had a great time we even seen a fish over 10 lbs blow up on top water, which was talked about for the next hour or so.

My dad is my hero, mentor, and my best friend. Without being brought up in the outdoors I wouldn’t love what I get to do for a living. Everything I have learned about fishing and hunting has came from him (taking time out of his busy schedule to teach me everything from casting a bait cast reel to shooting a duck flying by) and it’s truly a blessing. I am looking to do this same thing with my dad for many more years to come.

Captain Blake