Two good friends of mine Frank and Robert setup a weekend trip to Lake Okeechobee for Robert’s parents Bob and Sara anniversary. We fished Friday morning for 4 hours with Frank, Robert, Bob, and Sara in the boat with me and found some success with some shiner fishing that resulted in 25 fish. Saturday morning Robert’s brother and his girlfriend joined the group for a two boat trip, fishing was a little tougher but we still managed 17 fish with a few decent ones mixed in. After fishing Saturday morning the group ate lunch napped and then went on a beautiful sunset cruise.

The last time Frank and Robert fished with me both guys caught lot’s of fish and some giants mixed in everyday. Frank caught one that went just over 9 lbs while Robert managed a solid Lake Okeechobee giant that was 8 lb. Although this trip didn’t yield any giant Lake Okeechobee bass we had a great time on the water with many laughs and fish caught.

Some of my favorite people as you don’t find individuals this genuine everyday. Check out some pictures below from a great couple days on the water with great friends and more importantly a couple that has managed over 50 years of marriage!!!! Congrats on the anniversary and hope to see all of you again very soon.