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Father and Son Trip on Lake Okeechobee Read more »

Father and Son Trip on Lake Okeechobee

I had the great pleasure of taking out John and his son from PA on a great trip. We caught 40+ fish that ranged from 2 lbs to 7 + lbs with the average fish being 3 lbs. All the fish were caught on wild shiners.…

Spring Time on Lake Okeechobee Read more »

Spring Time on Lake Okeechobee

Lake Okeechobee is known for Big Bass and this time of year always produces some big fish. Lately trips have ranged from 25 – 40 fish with several trips catching fish over the 7lb mark. Big bluegill moving up to spawn create a great opportunity…

Big Bass On Lake Okeechobee Read more »

Big Bass On Lake Okeechobee

The wild shiner fishing is great right now, trips are catching 50 + fish. Check out some great pictures from recent trips here on Lake Okeechobee. The big bass are starting to feed on some big blue gill and red ear!!!!!! Getting close to catching a…

Big Fish On A Daily Basis Read more »

Big Fish On A Daily Basis

Captain Mike Jones has been catching some really good fish, the biggest one pushing just over 9 lbs in the last week. Fish are eating up the wild shiners and the big ones are showing up more and more. Every trip over the last few…

First Wave of Big Bass Starting to Move-in Read more »

First Wave of Big Bass Starting to Move-in

I had the privilege of fishing with Jamie, Doug, and David for two days and we catch the fire out of the 4-5 lb fish. In the two we managed to catch 122 fish and I am confident that we actually had over 130, however,…

Summer Time Largemouth Read more »

Summer Time Largemouth

Every once in a while I get the chance to take some friends or family fishing and there is nothing I enjoy more than taking some of my nephews fishing. I loaded Gavin and Mason up for a afternoon trip and off we went. The…

All About The Kids Read more »

All About The Kids

Captain Mike Jones guided some very lucky young boys and found great success with some giant Lake Okeechobee bass. The trip was live bait and those Lake Okeechobee largemouth just could not resists those wild golden shiners. Check out some great pictures below.  

Lake Okeechobee is Hot Read more »

Lake Okeechobee is Hot

Captain Allen Duke has provided clients with some great catches as of late with both artificial and live bait. Clients are catching fish really good the first 3 hours in the morning and the bite starts to slow around 10, although clients are still catching…

Captains Enjoy Fishing Read more »

Captains Enjoy Fishing

Captain Brad and myself (Captain Blake) enjoy fishing as much if not more than anyone else as even on days off from guiding we still manage to get out on the water to do some fun fishing. We picked up the flipping sticks after a…

No Better Way To Spend Anniversary Read more »

No Better Way To Spend Anniversary

Two good friends of mine Frank and Robert setup a weekend trip to Lake Okeechobee for Robert’s parents Bob and Sara anniversary. We fished Friday morning for 4 hours with Frank, Robert, Bob, and Sara in the boat with me and found some success with…

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