The morning bite continues to be on fire here on Lake Okeechobee. Grab the spinnerbait, top water and senko rods and go catch some fish. The fish seem to be holding in the Kissimmee grass, while the big fish seem to be moving day to day, smaller fish are being caught fast and furious. Morning bites are ranging from 20-50 fish in the first hour. Early morning; cover water with spinnerbaits and top water then switch to the gambler ace and slow down once the sun gets up. Cloud cover and a little wind will prolong the spinnerbait bite. Take advantage of this when available as the bigger fish are being caught on a blade.

Primary Areas:

  • Indian Prairie Canal
  • Horse Island
  • Bird Island

Primary Baits:

  • War Eagle Spinnerbait Double Willow (Golden Shiner)
  • Gambler Ace (Blueberry)
  • East Texas Big Bass Lure Slim Jim #3 Color #7