What a week! Slowly but surely more and more big fish are being caught with regularity here on Lake Okeechobee. Guides this week have had great success with both live bait and artificial baits. It seems like the bigger fish are starting to show up in numbers and grouping together, so hold on and get ready for non-stop action with monster Okeechobee bass. October 15, 2012 anglers reported catching good fish and lots of them throwing rattle traps outside the grass line. These fish are ranging in size from 2-6 lbs with the average size around 3 lbs, find these fish feeding by locating little groups of shad flickering just above the surface. Captain Bobby Adams had a awesome day on 10-15-12, catching numerous fish in the 4-6 lbs range.

I had the privilige today 10-18-12 of fishing with Charlie Miner and what a awesome day we had. Fishing started off slow but around 9 am the fish started busting and we started catching. Fish ranged from 2-6 lbs with the average being closer to 2lbs. We caught several fish in the 3-4 lb range with Charlie catching a 6 lb largemouth around 11 am. We had a great weather day with light wind and a beautiful clear blue sky. We ended up catching right at 30 fish. The majority of the fish fell prey to a Yamamoto Senko/Gambler Fat Ace, colors ranged from blk/blue to green pumpkin.

Check out the picture below and see what wild shiner fishing is all about. That’s a 9 lb largemouth on the left with some 3 lb fish next to it. This is what live bait fishing is all about. These photos are from a trip on 10-17-12. Caught roughly 40 fish with 1 giant 9 lb and a really nice 7 lb fish mixed in with fish ranging from 2-9 lbs. So come on, book a trip and let’s go fishing!

Primary Areas:

  • Harney Pond/Monkey Box
  • Tin House Cove
  • King’s Bar

Primary Baits:

  • Senko/Fat Ace (Blk/Blue, Watermelon Red, Green Pumpkin)
  • Spinnerbait (Golden Shiner, Mouse, Hot Mouse)
  • Medlock Jig (1oz blk/blue) It’s a slow bite but it’s a big bite!