Had another awesome day on the water. After fishing on 10-18-12 Charlie Miner asked me if I could possibly take him again on 10-19-12 and without hesitation I said absolutley. Charlie has been a avid fisherman for 30 years here on the Lake Okeechobee but recent health problems have kept him of the water for the past 5 years but Charlie wanted to fish the west side of the lake where he caught fish years ago. We arrived just after sunrise to find the fish in a feeding frenzy, without moving the boat we caught numerous fish throwing senkos in the reeds. Throughout the morning we caught fish after fish and just had a awesome time. What do you know even though the man hasn’t fished on the lake in years the fish still where there in his secrect hole.

Now on to a more in depth report. The flipping bite is really starting to pick up, however, if your not a big flipper then stay outside the reed line and throw senkos/worms into the outter edge. The fish seem to be where multiple species of grass can be found. Try and locate points, indentions, and/or anything else that looks a little different. If you see a single reed or a small group of reeds don’t just simply skip it, fish it, you would be surprised on how many big fish hang around isolated cover like this. Black/blue senkos, black/blue Medlock jig, and creature style flipping baits have all been working well. As always many fish will fall prey to a swimbait style soft plastic reeled on top or just below the surface.

I had a great time on the water the past couple of days with Charlie and looke forward to the next trip when he brings his son and grandson. That’s what fishing is all about spending quality time with family and friends but it’s always a little more fun to mix in a few fish along the way.

Primary Areas:

  • Little Grassy
  • Bird Island
  • Horse Island

Primary Baits:

  • Senko
  • Medlock Jig
  • Creature Baits