This last full moon brought some specks into the grass and shorelines.  Reports of specks in the Kissimmee grass on the east side of the lake from Henry Creek south.  Use a 1/32 oz jig white and chartreuse.  Also on the inside in the dense hydrilla using pink and white jig on 1/16 oz jig head,  you can drop the jig through a existing hole or my favorite way is to make new holes in the hydrilla with a long handle with a garden tool attached to the end of it.  This stirs up the grass shrimp and start a feeding frenzy.  The river has not turned on yet, but I expect it to soon cause the past two years October has been HOT in the Kissimmee River.  A few specks have been caught at night in Government Cut on either side of Taylor Creek locks using minnows.  With plenty of water in the lake the specks will be able to spawn well this year in the cattails, start looking for them around the next full moon on October 29th.


Primary Areas:

  • Henry Creek
  • J&S
  • Government Cut

Primary Baits:

  • Live Minnows
  • White/Chartreuse jig 1/32 oz
  • Pink / White jig 1/16oz