Bass fishing on Lake Okeechobee has really picked up in the last month. With the lake level above fifteen feet fish are starting to transition from their fall patterns and are on the move looking for areas to stage and spawn. The most successful area of the lake has been between Uncle Joe’s Cut and Indian Prairie canal. Anglers are having their best days prior to the incoming cold fronts, then the bite slows  as the fronts move through and high pressure becomes a factor.

Flipping jigs and beaver style baits has been the prominent method for catching big fish, however if its numbers that your after baits such as the Gambler Big EZ and Gambler EZ Swimmer are the way to go. As always black and blue colors are producing well for the flipping bite but don’t be afraid to try some less popular colors like green pumpkin when the bite slows down. Baits like the Gambler Big EZ and EZ Swimmer colors have been Copperfield, Florida Five-O, and Ice Breaker.

Just remember that the big fish are grouped up, so when you do catch a big one be sure to slow down and pick those areas apart. If you are just coming to visit the area and would like to get the experience of fishing on the best lake in the country feel free to contact us about our guided fishing trips.

Written By: Kyle Monti

Kyle has proven himself as not only one of the best young sticks on Lake Okeechobee, he has also proven himself as one of the best all around tournament anglers in the southeastern United States. With several local tournament wins to his name in recent months Kyle has won the College FLW tournament here on Lake Okeechobee and finished 4th in the College FLW regional tournament. Kyle will compete in the college National Championship in 2013 with a Forrest Wood Cup appearance on the line.

Primary Areas:

  • Uncle Joe’s Cut
  • Bird Island
  • Horse Island

Primary Baits:

  • Medlock Jig (Blk/Blue 1oz)
  • Missile Baits D Bomb (Bruiser Flash)
  • Bruiser Baits Crazy Craw (Black Blue)
  • Gambler Big EZ & EZ Swimmer (Copperfield, Florida Five-O, Ice Breaker)