Warmer weather and light winds have recently created ideal conditions for both Bass and Crappie fishing on the Big “O”. The best method method for catching Crappie has been drifting with live minnows out in the main lake around shell beds and slight contour changes in the bottom. Many anglers are catching quality “Slabs” an hour on either side of sunrise and sunset. Night fishing has also been productive between 1:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. Reports of fish between twelve and fifteen inches has been pretty common, so if you are looking for some of the best Crappie fishing in the country Lake Okeechobee is the place to be.

Primary Areas:

Kissimmee River
Mouth of the Kissimmee River
Tin House Cove
Government Cut

Bass fishing has picked up in the past week as warmer weather and stable conditions set in. Spinner-baits, senkos and top-water soft plastics have been key lures for targeting fish on the outside grass lines that are in fall feeding patterns. There are a few fish moving up to spawn with each full and new moon phase. Medlock jigs, and beaver style baits such as the Gambler “Why not” are being used to rip some big ones out of the heavy cover. Cattail and bull-rush clumps are the primary grasses that the fish are using to bed around, look for clean water and hard bottom for the best results. Overall the best way to catch numbers is by staying on the outside grass lines where shad are present. However the bigger fish have been coming out of the “slop”. Recent tournaments have taken between twenty one and twenty nine pounds to win, and around fifteen pounds to receive a check.

If you are coming to Lake Okeechobee in search of a giant, consider wild shiners with a guide for your best shot at a big one.  For more details on both Crappie and Bass fishing on Okeechobee feel free to call 863-763-0973. For information on booking a once in a lifetime guided trip call toll free at 866-213-2474. Good luck and tight lines!