It was my great privilege to have Earl Goodman and his grandson Max down to fish with me on the morning of Dec. 27. This was Earl’s second trip with me and let’s just say if I could patent the way Earl sets the hook, I would make millions of fishermen happy. We always have a great time together while sharing stories and even making up a few fishing tales. I will say Earl lost what he determined to be  a 27 lb bass on the trip so I am sure he will be back to try and catch that giant that got away. This was a great morning to fish with light winds, bright sun, and just a little chilly (notice in the picture of myself and Max that I am bundled up and he is in shorts, apprently NH is a little colder then Florida). We caught lots of fish and left them biting. Earl caught a nice 5 lb fish, however the young gun Max just couldn’t let his grandpa win the biggest fish of the day as Max ended up catching a really nice 7 lb largemouth mid morning. Great trip with great friends!!!!!

We fished the north end of the lake on little grassy with live wild shiners.