Ray Herbert and brother-in-law Jason had a great day yesterday with Captain Chase, both catching some really nice fish as well as good numbers. Jason fired up the morning with a solid 5+ pound-er (not a bad way to start out the day). However, it was Ray that at the last spot late in the morning ended up hauling in a great pre-spawn largemouth weighing in at just shy of 8 lbs. Lot’s of fish were caught in the 2 – 4 lb range. Areas fished included Buckhead Ridge to 3rd point. Fish seem to bite better in a few areas that had a little more cover.

Remember when shiner fishing that you must stay a little patient because once you get a few fish feeding they tend to attract other fish from surrounding areas. Most mornings start out with catching a few fish and slowly but surely the fishing heats up and it seems like you catch a 100 fish in a hour. Look forward to getting these guys back down here on Lake Okeechobee to catch some more giant Lake Okeechobee bass, although Ray has a little bit of a drive coming from across the globe. Awesome day with some great new friends.

Primary Area:

  • Buckhead Ridge
  • 3rd Point
  • King’s Bar

Primary Bait:

  • Wild Shiners