Look out world the Crappie fishing is starting to heat up here on Lake Okeechobee. Reports from my customers are beginning to sounds very promising with a good jig and minonow bite taking place. Crappie are now being caught with jigs in the Kissimmee grass out from Henry Creek locks and also in Tin House Cove. The jig of choice has varied from angler to angler but pink and white has been a common color producing well.

The night bite has been very good in Government cut, fishing in the middle of the channel in 6 feet of water. The most famous spot on the North end of Lake Okeechobee is the mouth of the Kissimmee River and this community hole is really starting to fire up, with great catches being reported especially around first light using minonows in 14-16′ ft of water. Arrange your poles to cover varing depths from 6 to 12′ ft and once you pattern the fish move your other poles accordingly.

Primary Areas:

  • Government Cut
  • Kissimmee River
  • Harney Pond

Primary Baits:

  • Pink-White Jig
  • Gold Jig
  • Minonows