Bass fishing the “BEST” lake in the world is simply awesome. Although lake Okeechobee may not have many of these giant fish that some lakes have, we do however have the largest quantity of 6-10 lb fish in the United States. Not every single trip get’s to catch a giant but most trips will find success with fish in the 6+ lb range. The best way to have a successful trip here on Lake Okeechobee is to hire one of our highly qualified guides.

Lot’s of fish are being caught on both wild shiners and artificial baits. With the recent days bringing in cold fronts and strong winds, the artificial bite has been a little slow but still productive with some decent catches. The shiner bite has been a more consistent bite with lot’s of trips finding great fish in the 5-8 lb range. Half day trips are averaging 30-60 fish in a four hour trip depending on the weather. The average size fish of late has been close to 3 lbs. Big fish will be more abundant from now until April and even into May.

Book your trip of a lifetime now as the upcoming months continue to fill up fast with trips.

Primary Areas:

  • King’s Bar
  • Tin House Cove
  • North Shore
  • Observation Shoal

Primary Baits:

  • Wild Shiners
  • Senko (Blk/Blue & Watermelon Red)
  • Speedworm (Junebug)
  • 10″ Worm Watermelon Red