Capt. Chase Marsocci had Dominick and Dominick out on the Big “O” for a recent trip. The morning started off a little slow which is expected when the temperature drops 40 degrees over-night. It didn’t take long for the bite to take off with fish after fish being caught. Although no giant bass were boated Dominick did end up catching a nice solid 5 lb fish to cap the morning off. The trip resulted in 35 fish and a great time with some great new friends.

During the winter months we experience some days when the fishing is out of this world good, with several fish being caught in the 7+ lb range while others tend to be slower. This is mainly a weather issue when cold fronts push through creating a huge swing in water temp but how many lakes can you have a tough morning and catch 35 fish. Lake Okeechobee is simply awesome.

Primary areas that were fished include Buckhead ridge and 3rd point, while using live wild shiners.