Lake Okeechobee is fishing just about the same way it has for the past few months with one exception, more big fish. During the summer the fish feed the heaviest during the coolest parts of the day which is at first light and last light. The morning bite continues to be really good for the first hour or so depending on cloud cover and wind. The days we are getting some morning cloud clover and a little wind, the bite has tended to last longer. Once the sun is high and the water starts to warm the fish push into the thicker clumps of grass and feed slower.

Most trips right now are catching 25+ fish on a 4 hour trip, some days have been a little slower and some have been fast and farious. Average fish right now is in the 2-3 lb range with most trips getting a few shots at some big Lake Okeechobee bass. In the last two weeks I have noticed that certain areas are producing multiple big fish where this wasn’t really the case before.

Look for the pattern to continue over the next month or two, however, if you catch a big one slow down as I believe these fish are starting to slowly but surely group back up.

Let’s Go Fishing

Capt. Blake Marsocci