I always love trips that are with young anglers especially when the trip is on a birthday. Jeff Shuman brought his son Johnathon to Lake Okeechobee for his 13th birthday. This was the first trip to Lake Okeechobee for both Jeff and Johanthon and Lake Okeechobee reputation lived up to it’s name, as Johnathon said “this is the best birthday gift ever”

The morning bite was good with lot’s of fish feeding on top and blowing baits out of the water. The 4 hour trip yielded right at 30 fish with the biggest fish at 6 (1/2) lbs, however, Johnathon and Jeff both caught multiple fish over 5 lbs (ended up with 6 fish over 5 lbs).

This was a great trip for both myself and the Shuman family as we caught fish all morning and even ended the day with catching a double on the last 2 shiners. I look forward to fishing with Johnathon and Jeff for many years to come. Check out some pictures from the trip below, all fish were released back into Lake Okeechobee after a quick picture with all the big Lake Okeechobee bass.