I had the great privilege of taking Whitney and Erin out for what turned out to be there first bass each. Whitney and Erin are full time students at UCF and just wanted to get out on the water for a morning and try a little bass fishing.

Well wouldn’t you know it that after getting the shiners in the water Whitney boated a little guy for her first bass. Soon after Erin set the hook for her first bite of the day and after he first jump I said WOW that’s a good one. When it was all said and done Erin’s fish topped out right at 8 lb, how about that for a 1st bass?

The morning seen just over 30 fish get landed with the average size being 2 lbs and the biggest 2 were 5 and 8 lbs. It was a great day on the water and I look forward to many more.

Check out Whitney and Erin first bass ever! Don’t be jealous book a trip and catch a bucketmouth of your own!